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Connecticut-based Wault has released a digital signature capability, making it more secure to sign documents online.

Digital signatures, because of their increased level of security, are routinely used by the healthcare industry and government. A digital signature creates a private key associated to a document. When signing a document using Wault, a digital version of the signer’s government ID signature is embedded, allowing the customer to securely sign any document when required.

Now, individuals and business of all sizes can experience the same level of security by using Wault. The Wault app can be found on both GooglePlay and IOS Store. The app is free for both individual and business use during the COVID-19 period for the remainder of the year.

Wault was founded after a family friend lost her property and life savings when an imposter was able to record a fraudulent deed.

“We learned that the system of digital credentials that we all live within and rely on when transacting online was broken,” the company said in a release. “Wault was designed to rebuild trust in the system so nothing like this could happen again.”

Wault was founded by Liwen Yaacoby, a serial software entrepreneur and former Morgan Stanley executive, and Eli Yaacoby, a senior IT executive, software architect and developer, who had headed enterprise applications and infrastructure for multiple hedge fund firms.