How does this work

The Wault product uses multiple metrics to validate that your drivers license is current, untampered and is real. Once this is complete, your brand new selfie will be directly compared to your ID. Using state of the art technology, Wault will confirm a match between you and your ID.

What does Wault need my ID for?

Wault was created to restore an ecosystem of trust. We work to ensure that our users have bank grade security. To do this, Wault asks for new users to provide a form of Government ID (currently support Driver’s License and Passport), followed by a brand new selfie to prove you are who you are.

Types of Gov’t ID’s Supported

Currently, Wault’s ID metrics support Drivers licenses from all 50 US states, US Passports, as well as many Foreign Passports. We will expand the support of other ID cards and government issued documents in the future.

Instantly protects against fraud (MFA)

Before users are registered to the Wault platform, we ask you to go through MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) to prevent fraudulent actors from ever obtaining an account with Wault.

Multi Factor Authentication or ‘MFA’ is a way to make sure the person who is registering a Wault is who they say they are. Each factor, such as email, cell phone, ID, etc. gets you closer to proving you are a real person with necessary credentials.

This is a one time process that will give all parties who use Wault assurance that you are truly you.

Who will see my ID?

When you upload your Government ID to Wault, No one will be able to see your ID besides those who you personally share it with.

The only time Wault team has access to your ID is if you contact support requesting assistance after a failed attempt to match your selfie to your Government issued ID.

All the files and documents you upload to Wault will be completely owned by you. Wault does not have the ability to see anything you add to your personal account.

Other ways I can use my Wault

Wault gives users the ability to share and receive vital documents with ease. This includes your Government issued ID and other vital documents.

You have full control of the data in Wault that you share with friends, family and other parties.